Memory Lane

Shipmate's Pictures

This page is loaded with pictures from shipmates that have been gathered over the years, but mostly never published.  It's organized in sections that are titled by the information I can gather from the pictures.  In the paragraphs below, I've included the source of pictures if known, but it's pretty sketchy and I'm pretty sure I've not acknowledged everyone.   I'll monitor my email for corrections.

The main source for the Launch era pictures are from Gold Crew Plank-owner Bud Turner, MT2(SS).  He departed on final patrol in 2011, but was active in our reunions, and also jumped aboard the boat in San Diego CA for the "Last Ride" to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton WA for the final decommissioning. 

Many of the 1960 pictures come from Bud, along with others picked up along the way.   

The 1970 include several from Daryle Hawthorne MM2(SS) Gold, 74-77, Richard Magri Jr. MT1(SS) Blue 70-74, and Kieth Link MMC(SS) Gold, 77-80.

The Transit to Decommissioning pictures again are from Bud Turner.   He wrote a story about the trip from San Diego to Bremerton which was included in the November 2001-02 issue of the American Submariner magazine.  With some luck, I'll be able to post the article on this website.

    I hope you enjoy these.