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Crew List Descriptions

Below are Three Crew Lists:

1. Sorted by Last Name 

2. Sorted by Dates On-Board, Rate, and Crew

3. Shipmates who have passed and are on Final Patrol.

Please let me know if your information is not correct or if you are not listed. Send your information to:

The posted lists includes Name, City, and State, and your On-Board information that includes Rank or Rate/Rating, Crew, Dates-On-Board, and if you were on the Comm-Crew or DeComm Crew.  Note that Final Patrol shipmates are included on all lists.


Contact information such as emails are not posted. However, it's important for us to have a good email since most of our correspondence is via email. 

Crew Listed by Last Name

Post_Last_Name_Sort- 1-29-2020_Rv1 (pdf)


Crew Sorted by Dates OnBoard, Crew, Last Name

Post_Dates_On_Board_Sort- 1-29-2020_Rv1 (pdf)


Shipmates on Eternal Patrol

Post_Deceased- 1-29-2020_Rv1 (pdf)